Supermicro IPMIView

The Supermicro IPMIView tool for X9, (maybe X8, X10 and X11) motherboards' GUI IPMI Viewer tool for Linux is extremely difficult to find online. These instructions should work for any Linux distribution, and maybe even MacOS or BSD?

The Supermicro IPMI Viewer tool allows you to view and interact with the network keyboard, video, and mouse connection (KVM over IP) and remote Serial console, remotely shutdown, reboot, and startup the system, manage users, view sensor readings and event logs, and more.
Most of these tasks can be accomplished using the Web Interface over HTTP on Port 80, but the viewer offers many advantages such as encryption, no Java browser plugin required, and management of groups of saved systems.


Simply download this and extract the archive to a folder of your choice, typically something like ~/.local/share/applications or /opt. You can then run it with the IPMIView20 script.

SHA512 sum


Arch - Note

If you are are using Arch Linux or derivatives, you can get IPMIView from the AUR as ipmiview. The rest of these instructions are strongly based on that package.